Reasons You Should Capture Your Next Event on Video

Putting on an event takes an unbelievable amount of work. Whether you’re hosting a tiny expert Q&A forum at your office or going all out and sponsoring a major conference within an completely different city, events can offer you a deceptively high ROI – but only when you know steps to make the most from every event you put on.

But how do you do that?

One of the better ways is by filming it! Capturing your event on video is a crazy easy way to make your event last and an extremely cost-effective way to spread brand awareness, brand engagement, and brand authority.

And the best part is event videos can be used before, during, and after a meeting to improve your promotional efforts, marketing efforts, to generate leads efforts, and even more.

Your video’s main aim ought to be to capture the heart, feel, and reason for your event videography services. Capturing that while balancing your brand’s overall messaging can be tough, though. Not forgetting putting on a meeting itself is complicated and stressful. From picking the right event management software to establishing, presenting, and wearing down, adding the logistics of filming can appear overly complex or difficult.

But we’re here to let you know – it’s not! Filming a meeting is actually incredibly easy (with the right team working for you) and the payoffs are huge.

Let’s check out just a several ways filming your next event will help you as well as your company grow.

1. Filming your event extends its length and reach.
Events are great, nevertheless they have a major downside: they don’t typically last long enough to produce a noticeable effect on your marketing efforts. You may expose your brand to hundreds of men and women who attend the function, or you may hand out flyers that folks will keep for years – but beyond that, your event’s reach is minimal.

This isn’t the case when you record it, though! Recording your event does two major things:

Extends its length. Using a video, your event will exist in perpetuity – people can easily see you held an event and even see what happened, for a long time and years to come with no been there.
Extends its reach. If only locals can attend your event because of limited promotion or resources, video helps share your event with tons of people in the united states and across the world! All they want is a video link.
For the reason that sense, video is the gift idea that keeps on giving.

Imagine all the leads you capture at a live event – they could be by means of emails put into a contact list, business cards you received for a raffle, or maybe follow-up emails you get from people you speak to. Those are great, but alone, those efforts aren’t scalable.

Video makes them scalable. Video allows you to continue to acquire leads from people anywhere at any given time. Even though your event is over, video will keep everything offered alive and keep providing value to interested users.

2. Filming your event gives you more dynamic content to distribute.
You’re probably already swamped with marketing initiatives. You likely have a website to maintain, a contact list to talk to, social pages to update, plus more. It’s not only too much to do, but locating the best, most engaging, most relevant content to create takes a lot of commitment.

Event video can help here, too. Video is one of the most engaging content types and also helps drive sales better that other varieties of content.

Just check out these statistics:

When studying something or service, 72 percent of consumers prefer video to text.
Companies that use video average a 66 percent higher website conversion rate.
In 2017, businesses that used video grew earnings 49 percent faster than businesses that didn’t.
That means you should be using video everywhere you can. And event video specifically works almost anywhere, including on your website’s main pages, on blog pages, in email communication, on social pages, in your sales funnels, and much more. Even embedding your event video by using an ads’ website landing page is a great way to drive direct selling with a straightforward, super low-effort update.

And, in addition to giving you great content to distribute in a number of places, event video is highly repurpose-able, meaning you can make use of it in tons of different ways.

Use it to promote future events.
Gate the full video to fully capture more leads.
Slice the video right down to short quotes or tips for social media.
Establish industry insight and credibility.
Share it with thought leaders you want to collaborate with.
Increase your SEO by publishing it with full transcript.
Your alternatives are almost unlimited.

3. Event videos can be used at any stage of the buyer’s journey.
So you’ve got your event occurring. You understand you want to introduce your brand to a fresh audience, but you’re also wondering – what else can this event bring other than new eyes?

The magic of event videos is how they could be used throughout the complete buyer’s journey, not just in targeting users who don’t know who you are, but targeting users at different stages with their purchase decisions.

Top of Funnel – Yes, events introduce your brand to a fresh audience. Use your event video in ads, boost your website’s performance with video, or optimize your SEO with video to reach new people fast. No real matter what, event videos can ensure you get your company in front of completely new audiences, allowing you to introduce an issue to them and then offer your solution.

Middle of Funnel – Here, users are thinking about their options, doing research, and really just gathering more info. This is actually the perfect period to use a meeting video to show off your industry knowledge, subtly pushing users further down the funnel and helping your brand remain top-of-mind.

Bottom of Funnel – Event video here can encourage user sign-ups, boost sales with event video testimonials, or work as a bit of gated content that can help you close that final sale. Be creative – event video is also a great value-add in personal sales communications and much more.

Are you set?
You will find loads of reasons to film your next event. A whole lot of companies film their events without even taking into consideration the marketing benefits, but take action only to document their event completely and make use of it internally.

No matter the reason why, filming should be one of your top priorities for the next event. For video production companies specifically, the beauty of filming events is that they might need relatively little planning. Videographers essentially need event information and a rough outline of the day’s activities – and that’s it! They’ll capture top speakers, activities, networking moments, and more, or can create shop in a single location and film the whole event from commence to finish.

Just think about how precisely you’ll be using your event video and make certain {to capture

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