Single Mothers Use Human Hair Extensions

Never Any Time
In the United States, single mothers make up 80% of all single parent households, with
over 22 million children being raised by single moms. One in every 5 children is living
with a single mother. Raising a child costs about $13,000 annually and the average
single mom makes about $35,000, which is approximately $45,000 less than she would
make if there were 2 parents earning income. All said and done, it’s tough to be a single
mother nowadays, and that’s why today we’re talking about these heroes. One thing
they need more of, is time.

Quicker Prep Time
Anything that can save time is appreciated, especially if you’re a single working mother.
Human hair extensions are something that can save both time and money, making them
an excellent investment overall, as well. Places such as The Lauren Ashtyn Collection
sell this kind of human hair extensions, made from 100% real European Remy hair, the
highest grade in quality on the market today. They have a unique clip-in design that
securely attaches to your own hair in just seconds, and does not damage your real hair
like other methods do. With good care they can last up to 3 years, making them a terrific
investment, too.

About Human Hair Extensions
Human hair extensions such as these can add fullness, volume and length to your own
hair, cover up gray hair at the roots, or simply add length alone. They are fully
customizable with regard to color, cut and style, so you can achieve a variety of different
new looks you’ll love. They come in a huge variety of different colors including multi-
dimensional options, and they are virtually undetectable from your own hair. They can
save you time when getting ready to go out, as you can achieve the look you want in
just a few moments. These amazing extensions are exactly what you need to make
yourself the best version of you possible. Human hair extensions like these can change
the way you feel about yourself and restore lost confidence.

Come In Handy When Necessary
If you need to get ready in a situation where you are pressed for time, these extensions
are a lifesaver. Perhaps you have a meeting of some kind scheduled on your calendar?

Depending on what the meeting is for, such as a job interview or a first date, this will
decide where it goes from there. Make a lasting first impression with these human hair
extensions, as they suddenly make achieving the looks you want a reality! Try out a
new color you’ve been wanting to use, before going permanent. Or go curly or straight
for a day or a night, the opposite of what you normally do, and see if you get the right
kind of reaction from people. Don’t make the mistake of losing the confidence you’ve
been trying so desperately just to feel! Your human hair extensions are going to change
everything, by becoming your “go-to” time saving tool with the most benefits.

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