Reasons to Book a Resort for Your Wedding

Planning for a wedding consists of investment, not simply financially, but emotionally. Every bride and groom hopes that friends recall their wedding day for a long time to come, this means lots of time and thought goes into doing it right. A straightforward way to be sure you get the most out of your planning attempts? Choose a resort venue that may easily turn your one-day event into an unforgettable multi-day experience. While there’s a bevy of explanations why a resort might be the perfect place for your celebration, these are just a few of well known perks.

1. Convenient Accommodations

If they stay the night, weekend, or for a protracted respite, choosing a place with visitor accommodations has some major benefits. Talk to your holiday resort about a reduced room rate for you and your guests. Additionally you won’t have to think about transportation to and from the service/reception and neither will your friends. Without the strain of big day travel, everyone can unpack, relax and enjoy. With the resort’s staff on hand, you will be promised your friends are properly welcomed and cared for throughout their stay.

2. Fewer Moving Pieces

With fewer moving pieces, there’s less room for error. When you sponsor your wedding at a hotel venue, most the top vendors are there on site, including the catering, club service, and rentals like linens, dining tables and chairs. It’s less you have to think about before, during and after the big day. It’s not only your vendors who’ll be in one place. With everyone staying at the holiday resort, you won’t have to be anxious about corralling your marriage ceremony either.

3. Pre-Wedding Pampering

As we mentioned above, the fewer moving pieces on the wedding day, the better. With on-site Crystal Springs Resort services, you can enjoy stress-free treatments (including mane and cosmetic!) until it’s time to put on your wedding outfit. Decompress following the celebrations with an enchanting couples massage therapy. Encourage your guests to also take good thing about the serene services during their weekend stay.

4. Rain Plan

Dreaming of declaring “I do” outdoors? While an en plein air affair can be breathtaking, the Northwest weather isn’t always accommodating. Most holiday resort venues have multiple service/reception locations on the premises, this means if the elements takes a turn, you have a built-in backup plan.

5. Consistent Level of Excellence

With a skilled staff, you will be assured that your venue is ready to handle the facts of your big day. From making sure your friends are comfortable, to presenting impeccable food and offering outstanding service, there’s an even of brilliance that is assured to be met.

6. Pre and Post Wedding Activities

Here’s where you really can raise your wedding weekend for your friends. Put in a few activities to the plan to have them mingling and enjoying time mutually on either aspect of the wedding festivities. Plan a golf outing for the fellas the morning hours of the ceremony, or a marriage ceremony walking excursion to get some good fresh air and quiet those pre-wedding jitters. The day after, consider a calming kayak trip, a dip in the saltwater pool and spa, or a competitive game of newlywed croquet, badminton or volleyball.

7. Exciting Extras

Because it’s as much a destination as a marriage place, resorts often offer exciting extras that you may not find at a typical reception place. Stun friends with a seaplane getaway or wine and dine with a rehearsal meal cruise. Consult with your holiday resort to see what’s included and what can be put into your package for added fees.

8. Change of Atmosphere

Besides the ceremony and reception, you’ll be planning several smaller soirées like the rehearsal evening meal, welcome evening meal and post-wedding brunch. When you opt for a vacation resort venue, you can pick a unique location for every (waterfront service, tented reception, restaurant brunch), without ever before needing to leave the house. Check out the on-site spaces available and let your hotel staff help you choose the perfect location for each and every event.

Plan your fairytale wedding for a party which will be remembered forever as both stunning and unique.

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