Fantastic Sams Prices in 2022: Things to Know About!

You’ve had enough of bad hair days, haven’t you? At Fantastic Sams, you’ll find all you need to repair it, including a professional team of experts, the right products, and an unforgettable salon experience, all at Fantastic Sams prices!

It is your one-stop look for exceptional shading, a perfect cut, or some lavish salon administrations. After all the service you obtain at this location, you will also receive some of the highest quality items at most reasonable prices, allowing you to look your better even after you leave. With a name like “Fantastic Sams,” this chain greater than 1,000 cheap hair salons has a lot to live up to, but these franchises just don’t fail. Every day, they offer great service, a full range of services, and friendly staff that surpass the salon’s name.

Fantastic Sam’s hair salon has more than 1,250 locations in the us and Canada. As the areas differ, Fantastic Sam’s prices may be slightly different in your area than the values shown below. Fantastic Sam’s prices are reasonable and of good quality. In 1976, they changed their name from Incredible Sam’s beauty salon to Fantastic Sam’s beauty salon. Fantastic Sam’s also sells hair maintenance systems. Guests are always welcomed and encouraged at Fantastic Sams Salon.

Fantastic Sams Salon wants everyone to see their salon, and the simplest way to do so is to test it out. We look at how additional Fantastic Sams Prices and exactly how things charge here.

Fantastic Sams Prices 2022

Service Price

Fantastic Sams Haircuts Prices

All haircuts include “FS shampoo therapy” (a complimentary shampoo and 3-minute scalp massage).
Adult Haircut $25 & up
Adult Haircut (w/ blow dry) $30 & up
Adult Haircut (w/ blow dry & style) $40 & up
Clipper Cut $20 & up
Kids Haircut (11 & under) $15 & up
Kids Haircut (w/ blow dry) $19 & up
Kids Haircut (w/ blow dry & curls) $25 & up

Fantastic Sams Color services Prices

All color services include a blowout. Additional charges may apply for length, thickness, and/or condition of hair.
Color Touch-up $55 & up
All Over Color $65 & up
All Over Foil (w/ highlights or lowlights) $65 & up
Partial Foil (w/ highlights or lowlights) $45 & up
Double Process $110 & up
Men’s Color Blending $20 & up

Fantastic Sams Texture services Prices

Additional charges may apply for length, thickness, and/or condition of hair.
Perm Only $50 & up
Perm & Cut $60 & up
Perm, Cut, & Style $75 & up
Spiral Perm $75 & up

Fantastic Sams Additional Services Prices

Bang or Beard Trim $10 & up
Shampoo & Roller Set $20 & up
Blow Out Style w/ Brush $25 & up
Blow Out Style w/ Brush & Iron $32 & up
Eyebrow Threading $10 & up

Priced by complexity of style.

$50 & up
Deep Conditioning Treatment $20 & up

Lip, chin, or brow.

$10 & up

Why Should You Choose Fantastic Sams?

You can be certain that when you choose Fantastic Sams for all of flowing hair care and hair product needs, you’re getting something truly amazing. Once you walk in the doorway and look at the appointment-free services available at each salon, you’ll notice this. This isn’t simply a hair salon where you can get your hair cut and colored. Salons, on the other hand, provide a full range of services for men, women, and children, with many services available in budget-friendly packages, very much like those made available from Supercuts.

All of their products are affordable, letting you achieve a great hairstyle without breaking the lender. Another thing you’ll notice is that all stylist is welcoming, professional, and willing to hear your needs. Rather than snipping and coloring without first learning what you truly want, your stylist will start your appointment with a brief consultation to ensure you’re both on a single page. Many people return to Fantastic Sams time and time again as a result of excellent support services.

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