5 Perfumes To Wear When Attending a Wedding

The best perfume for wedding day has a lot regarding the bride herself. One bride will walk down the aisle in a princess Vera Wang gown while another can make her way in a gothic black Galia Lahav stunner. Just as, a bride’s scent has to match the wearer’s personality while complementing and adding to the excitement of starting a fresh chapter.

Many women opt to wear a scent they’ve never worn before as it pertains for their wedding day perfume. But surprise – that scent becomes their new signature scent because of all the happy memories associated with it. So, if you’re wondering, “What perfume can i wear on my wedding day?” think a little beyond your big day.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Perfume By Hermes

If you’re seeking a marriage perfume that’s light, clean, airy, and fresh, Hermes’ Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is an excellent option. This is a perfect fit for a spring or summer daytime wedding, especially one outside – says in a garden. (Fittingly, “un jardin” means a garden in French). That is a citrus scent with floral, green, and spicy notes, working together to give a unique allure to Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. There are some unique notes here like carrot, tomato, and green mango, but they’re made approachable with notes of grapefruit, orange, peony, musk, iris, and alluring cinnamon. It’s also important to notice that though this is a light scent, it is long-lasting and has great projection – simply perfect for all the joys and rigors of a marriage day. Visit this website to get more insight into niche perfume.

Touch Perfume By Burberry

This Burberry fragrance is one of the best bridal perfume options because it’s sexy without being obnoxiously loud or in-your-face. Moreover, it’s smooth, elegant, and warm without having to be heavy, that makes it a great year-round option. It also has fantastic longevity, so if you’re thinking about partying until the wee hours of the night it is a wonderful wedding perfume. Top notes of red pepper, blackberry, cranberry, rose oil, and orange pull you to the dance floor. Then the middle notes of peony, peach, jamine, and raspberry envelop you within an everlasting hug. The dry down of cedar, vanilla, and tonka, bean, add depth and sweetness. That is overall an extremely multifaceted, unique, and complex scent that will evolve as your personal day progresses.

Tobacco Vanille Cologne By Tom Ford

If you’re a rebel bride buying a bridal perfume that’s non-traditional but luxurious, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille cologne makes an outstanding choice. It’s a unisex amber-and-spicy scent, but it adds sweetness and vanilla for the perfect balance of feminine, masculine, rich, and light. As with most Tom Ford scents, a small amount of this wedding perfume goes quite a distance, and the fragrance will last a good 12 hours on most people’s skin. It also has great projection, so you’ll leave the feeling when you use it down the aisle.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

If you could bottle sunshine, this is exactly what it could smell like. You’ll give off a fresh, playful and innocent vibe when you choose this happy fragrance, one of the best wedding perfumes. So if you’re planning a casual but tasteful backyard wedding, a spritz of Daisy would be one of the better wedding perfumes for you.

Versace Bright Crystal

This light, floral fragrance makes a perfect choice for a daytime wedding perfume. It’s a variety of popular florals like peony and magnolia, with a hint of citrus from japan yuzu fruit.

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