5 Beautiful Irish Wedding Traditions Plus The Meanings In It

If youre considering a normal Irish wedding, there are several traditions you will need to take into consideration. Below, weve come up with five of the very most gorgeous – and distributed the meanings in it, to assist you decide what you would like relating to your big day nuptials

Blue dresses

Something older, something fresh, something lent, something blue. Though many wedding brides decide on a white bridal dress today, wedding brides in Ireland typically wore blue wedding dresses. The theory was that blue was the colour of innocence and purity for the Emerald Isle, resulting in some really breathtaking wedding gowns. If youre uncertain you intend to decide on a blue dress yourself, after that blue bridesmaids dresses could possibly be a choice to hark back again to old Irish custom.


Perhaps among the oldest & most well-known Irish marriage ceremony traditions is Celtic handfasting, now its a favorite choice for Americans both with and without Celtic roots who would like a symbolic way to show their love and commitment. Though it had been once used like a waiting around period before lovers marry, today the handfasting ritual can be often completed before or through the wedding ceremony vows, offering as symbolic of two different people becoming one


It wouldnt end up being an Irish wedding ceremony with out a horseshoe. Celtic ceremonies possess, traditionally, seen wedding brides bring a horseshoe with her through the wedding ceremony, but also for contemporary brides, that might seem just a little peculiar. Rather, many couples put in a horseshoe appeal to their flower screen or their wedding ceremony cake or deploying it as symbolic of their wedding ceremony on their invites and name place credit cards. You will keep it refined and still take advantage of the luck in the horseshoe!

Celtic rings

Although Irish-American couples arent limited by the engagement and marriage rings open to them, many choose traditional Claddagh bands, which certainly are a -year-old tradition depicting hands holding a heart topped with a crown. These bands are not just beautiful, however they help symbolize love, camaraderie, and commitment and so are worn during engagement and in relationship. Tradition states that you ought to wear the band with the cardiovascular facing the body, as which means that your cardiovascular is used and youre focused on your partner forever.


If youve have you ever heard the expression his goose is cooked and wondered what it meant, you then may be surprised to listen to it relates back again to traditional Irish wedding ceremonies. According to background, Irish lovers would web host pre-wedding dinners, where in fact the few would sit using the wedding brides family for your delicious food of goose, which helped seal the offer of the relationship – your final acceptance prior to the wedding ceremony nuptials occurred. After the goose have been cooked, there is no turning back again – the bridegroom was obligated to marry the new bride and look after her. Traditions such as this may seem just a little uncommon if youve however to wait an Irish wedding ceremony, but theyre easy to include into the itinerary and ways to meet up with loved ones prior to the ceremony.

Whilst not many of these customs will fit your wedding ceremony, incorporating a couple of is a superb way to show your commitment one to the other – and even hark back again to your Irish root base. Whatever you choose to consist of, we desire you the very best for your upcoming wedding ceremony!

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