The Virtual Side of Education

Sixty percent of students find education boring. At some point in our lives we’ve either overtly uttered that school is boring or discretely fantasized about skipping classes, either way it doesn’t change the fact that students still find school uninteresting. We go through the motions everyday but it doesn’t make a difference. We warm chairs, yes. We don’t miss a school bus trip, yes. We bring all our books and notebooks to class, yes. We wear our uniforms, yes. But are we really learning something? I’m guessing no.

Education, on the contrary, is the most interesting thing that could happen in your life. You may not appreciate it in the here and now but you’ll soon acknowledge it hereafter (or that is when you’re older and you know you need to have a job to pay the bills). In the meantime, while you’re at it I figured that I’d introduce you to some web applications that might somehow entice you to learn to love education.

Traditionally we turn to paperback and hardbound books and notebooks when we go to class. Although these paper resources are of much help when you’re taking down notes there are other digitally advanced applications you can use to give spice up your educational journey. These cool new educational apps will make you love learning in a whole different level.

Evernote is available on the web, for Android and iOS. This application is used for note taking, voice recording, word processing and a lot more. You can take snapshots of your professor’s notes, group works and so much more. You can also share notes between other students and even your professors. It’s a neat and slick way of organizing your notes. One thing I noticed about students is that they are lazy to take down notes and so what they usually do is they create these shortcuts and bullet information on their notebooks. And then later on they discover that they can’t remember what those scraps of information are all about because it doesn’t make sense at all.

Moodle is an app available on the web, on iOS and Android devices. This is a Course Management System or CMS; it is also sometimes referred to as a Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The Moodle application is applicable for teachers and educators to creatively create effective online learning sites. You can use this app for online courses, peer evaluations, teacher evaluations of student work, student facilitation, host forums and many more!

MyHomework is also available on the web, for iOS and for Android devices. This app keeps track of all your projects, home works and other assignments. It’s like having a personal assistant except it’s digitally embedded on your electronic device. It sets reminders for assignments that are due, sets level of priority and keeps track of your class schedules. There are
like hundreds of free educational apps available for downloading online. These apps are truly revolutionary because it makes schooling much more interesting than before. This is especially useful for kids who are aiming for scholarships but are too lazy to do the dirty work in class. At least when you have these apps readily accessible you can have more time in your hands because it makes work less stressful and not to mention more fun.

Other online educational resources:

Photoshop Essentials – learn Photoshop online.
BioSec – learn about biometric security.
Michael Bojkowski – learn about graphic design.
Learn-C – learn the C programming language online.
Calibnet – learn about the education system in India.
The Vonk – learn about available scholarships online.